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Background Introduction

Food is the first food for the people. At present, with the development of national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people’s attention changing from having enough food to health and nutrition. This changing has become the new requirements of "food safety strategy", and has become the new task for food industries. Innovative technology applications meet the work deployment of healthy China 2030, quantifying food safety, health and nutrition and finally benefit consumers.

Application of in vivo testing of zebrafish in the field of food -- an innovative and disruptive technology: food safety detection can be divided into four levels, from the bottom up: visual observation; cell testing; Biochemistry and microbiological testing; Bio-safety test.

Application of biological in vivo detection of zebrafish in the field of food -- an innovative and subversive technology: food safety detection can be divided into four levels, from the bottom up: direct observation; Physical and chemical testing; Biochemistry and microbiological testing; Biology test.

The second level:chemical analysis. This is currently the main detection techniques used to quantitatively test the contaminants by chemical method. The food quality is judged by comparing the contents of contaminant in food to the maximum residue limits set by the many countries.

The third level: cell test. The third level is to conduct quantitative and directional testing of product safety and nutritional function through cytological testing.

The fourth level: life test. Food quality can be directly identified by living organisms, food safety and risk levels can be predicted untargeted, and the value of functional products can be evaluated



International recognition of zebrafish model:

  • 87% homology with human genes, transparent embryo, cost-efficient

  • The third important model organism by NIH

  • Accepted by Europe and United States Government,and get GLP certification

  • Standards has been published internationally, OECD has published 9 standards

  • China has published 13 zebrafish testing standards;

  • Zebrafish embryo toxicity assay is regarded as the most sensitive in vivo method in assessing chemicals toxicity

  • Zebrafish technology has been applied to drug research and development by major pharmaceutical giants around the world

NewHunter Techonology——Comprehensively master the zebrafish technology

NewHunter technology has been accumulating zebrafish technology for 20 years. Dr. Chunqi li, the founder and chief scientist, has been engaged in scientific research work in the World Health Organization and MIT for many years, and served as the R&D director of the world's first zebrafish technology company. In 2010, Dr. Li chunqi brought advancing and comprehensive zebrafish technology back to China and applied it to traditional Chinese medicine, health food and general food. The company has a research and development team composed of doctors and masters with the education background of many first-class national and international schools, continuously innovating and upgrading zebrafish technology, has been approved more than 10 technology patent and published more than 70 academic papers. NewHunter has a leading position in industrial application of zebrafish technology.

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