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Team advantage: excellent professional team

Company technology research and development team is led by Dr Chunqi Li as full-time chief scientist and consist of a number of doctors and masters graduated from domestic first-class university. Company also build a technical consultant team of experts formed by the lead researcher of China academy of traditional Chinese medicine, professor of Zhejiang university and also those who enjoy the state council special allowance and experts from giant food industry. Profession technology supports in food, medicine and health care product field enable us to make good survices.


Technical advantage: strong technical strength

Comprehensively grasp zebrafish technology. Our first domestic zebrafish lab is included in the national innovation fund and torch plan, and we are invited to write four chapters of “Zebrafish: methods for assessing drug safety and toxicity”. We have published 70 papers, and are invited to South Korea, Thailand and other Asian toxicology and drug development conference to do theme report. We have developed hundreds of safety and function/efficacy evaluation model, and provide safety testing services and technology authorization for food industries, and finally bring the brand promotions for company.

Resource advantage: strong and effective resource integration ability

NewHunter has deeply cooperated with many national and international well-known food companies and research institutions, we together develop the service system based on the comprehensive and multidimensional zebrafish technology, and form a strong technical resources and strategic advantage.

Product advantage: diversified and customized products

According to customer needs, we change with demand. Diversified product combination can fully meet customer’s customized, professional need. Our services are convenient, fast, trackable and well-experiencing.