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Brand energize

Brand energize

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At present, China's food industry has been developed from product economy to brand stage, we provide a safe testing services for food enterprises through the “small fish testing" platform, and make the technology brand consulting solutions and leading brand strategy. Therefore, we help the enterprises to improve product quality and safety standard, accurately select the qualified supplier and achieve brand value continuely growing.

Small fish testing--a biotechnology quality testing and brand consulting service platform, committed to the mission of "advanced science and technology, escort health", to provide enterprises and consumers with visual, quantifiable, predictable safety and quality assurance, and help the development of the food industry.

Brand leading--quantifies high-quality brands by applying advanving, accurate, fast and efficient patented biological detection technology of zebrafish and existing chemical detection methods.

Selection of high-quality suppliers--comprehensively screen potential risk factors in food raw materials and products and conduct comprehensive analysis to select high-quality suppliers.