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Safety testing

Safety testing

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Conduct inspection of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, check whether the raw materials are qualified, analyze the material composition, restore product formula, and solve product problems

Raw material testing--zebrafish technology is used to carry out the raw material testing, process monitoring and product testing in the whole process in food industry, and build a multi-quality risk detection system from poultry breeding, meat processing, food transportation to food sales.

Process monitoring--conduct quality inspection and control of product process and final inspection to ensure that products meet the requirements, optimize product adverse reactions, reuse by-products, improve product performance and reduce costs

Product testing--conduct biological tests on product prototypes or finished products, including routine physical and chemical testing, microorganisms, additives, nutrition labels, pesticide and animal residues, heavy metals, and fungal toxins, adulteration, qualitative and quantitative testing of GM, allergen, food packaging materials, pet food and feed testing