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Food safety comprehensive assessment 

Food safety comprehensive assessment 


Acute toxicity testing

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the European Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), zebrafish show excellent sensitivity to toxic and harmful compounds. Zebrafish embryos exposed to the sample for 24h showed normal growth and development of zebrafish eggs treated with high-quality products, while inferior products would induce toxicity and even death of zebrafish embryos.

Chronic toxicity test of transgenic fluorescent fish

Estrogen-like substances are currently concerned pollutants, causing long-term toxic effects on the human body. When there is a certain amount of estrogen-like substance in the product, genetically modified fluorescent zebrafish will identify it and emit fluorescence. Quantitative fluorescence intensity can be used for quantitative testing of estrogen-like substance.

Target organ toxicity test

The organs of zebrafish are highly similar to the human body. For food of poor quality, zebrafish can judge its toxicity level, so that the quality of food can be further analyzed.


HBGV are the scientific values that determine consumption based on toxicity. According to world health organization (WHO) guidance, NewHunter applies the patented algorithm to calculate the HBGV value, so as to judge the appropriate consumption of products.